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who we are
Ideaventuno: Who we are

who we are

Ideaventuno , a consultancy and web agency , is a universe in which experiences and passions meet and merge, giving life to an explosive mix of creativity and entrepreneurial skills.


At its helm is Giovanni Tommasi , an expert in the world of small and micro businesses, but also a good expert in marketing applied to companies, art and culture as well as being a photography enthusiast.

His career has an undoubted mark of success, forged thanks to the experiences gained in various capacities in the management of important companies in the automotive sector, but also in services, real estate and commerce.

In 2015 he founded a company with his son, which is still operational today, which deals with IT assistance and security.


Thanks to the skills acquired over years of commitment in the field and active participation in management roles in various companies and associations, Giovanni Tommasi is able to provide high-level consultancy and services.
Its team of collaborators is made up of trained, capable and dynamic elements.


But his activity does not end in the business world: he is also involved as President of ArtAndCharity ODV , a non-profit organization that works in the social sector together with a group of people who love culture and art, organizing beneficial events in support of people in difficulty.


A true force of nature, capable of deploying all its skills to achieve increasingly ambitious goals with great social impact.


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