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who we are
Ideaventuno: Who we are

who we are

Ideaventuno , a universe of experiences and passions that come together in a mix of creativity and entrepreneurial skills.

Its founder, Giovanni Tommasi , has collected a long list of successes in the corporate and commercial world, but also in the fields of art and culture.

His career has been shaped by considerable experience in business management, with a particular focus on the automotive sector. He managed a BMW-MINI dealership with utmost dedication, and subsequently advised major brand dealers such as BMW-MINI, RENAULT-DACIA, and FCA (Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Lancia, Abarth, Maserati). BMW's innovation and efficiency left an indelible mark on its development, providing a solid managerial, organizational and IT foundation.

It has also invested in stakes in companies operating in services, real estate and commerce. In 2015 he founded a successful IT and technical support company with his son.

His extensive and comprehensive didactic and practical training allows him to provide highly specialized consultancy in corporate organization and reorganisation.

His experience has widened thanks to his active participation with managerial roles in associations, currently holding the position of President of ArtAndCharity ODV , a non-profit voluntary organization that engages in raising funds through exhibitions, events and cultural activities, for support people in situations of social hardship and promote culture and the arts.


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