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Who we are
Ideaventuno: Who we are

Ideaventuno was born from the long experience gained by its owner, Giovanni Tommasi, in various professional and commercial fields.


He has a long experience in business management and organization. Important fundamental experience was gained in the Automotive sector by personally managing a BMW-MINI dealership and subsequently collaborating and providing advice to large dealerships representing world-class brands such as BMW-MINI, RENAULT-DACIA and FCA (Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Lancia, Abarth, Maserati). Even today he recognizes the training achieved at the time with BMW already at the forefront on various fronts, not least the management one, as very current.

At the same time he had shareholdings in companies operating in the services, real estate and trade sectors. In 2015, with his son, he founded a company that still operates with great success in the IT field (IT security, hardware and software technical assistance).

This deep and articulated didactic and practical training, today so difficult to find in a single subject, has been a solid and tested platform for applying his extensive knowledge to various entrepreneurial realities, in consultancy and areas mainly aimed at corporate reorganization.

In the following video, you can hear Giovanni Tommasi thinking about the economic situation and the business model.

The interview dates back to May 2014 and was carried out in the Congress Hall of the Malpensa Hotel on the occasion of an important workshop organized by Roberto Gorini, a well-known Lugano consultant.


Here Giovanni Tommasi expresses, with great foresight, his thoughts on what business management should be, what the commitment required of the entrepreneur is and how to approach the customer in the near future.

His thought is still very topical today. He has also gained great experience thanks to the active participation with managerial roles in associations including the one that dealt with "usury and banking compound interest".


In this operational phase he has allowed many entrepreneurs to obtain a new economic / financial condition thanks to the recovery of the stolen goods.

There are many of his participations and live testimonials in prime time TV on broadcasts such as "Piazza Pulita" and "La Gabbia" and in themed conferences.


He is currently President of ArtAndCharity ODV, a non-profit voluntary association dedicated to raising funds through the organization of exhibitions, events, cultural activities in general, to help situations of social hardship and at the same time promote Culture and the Arts.

What can we offer our customers?


The Client is provided with advice that allows transforming the idea into reality and which can actively contribute to the creation and planning of actions aimed at good corporate organization and reorganisation, marketing and communication. We also work in the creation and organization of events and workshops aimed at leading the customer into the difficult world of promoting their product or service.


There is also much more

What drives us in this new and exciting entrepreneurial adventure is the great passion for Art and hence the idea of providing an accurate consultancy service to Artists.
Part of this ambitious project is the creation of ArtistaOnLine, a portal dedicated to contemporary Art and Artists which is supported by the "Temporary art exhibition" service, i.e. the availability of a fixed-term Gallery where Artists can exhibit their works or carry out their artistic performances obtaining great visibility with an absolutely contained investment.
The project was born thanks to the partnership with the Galleria Due Punti in Varese from which we were mandated to create and manage events such as personal or collective exhibitions, cultural meetings, editorial presentations, conferences and much more concerning the promotion of Culture and Art .


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