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who we are
Ideaventuno: Who we are

who we are

Ideaventuno is a consulting firm particularly suitable for organizing and reorganizing small businesses, craft activities, commercial enterprises, and associations. 


Ideaventuno is a web agency with extensive expertise in the field of digital communication project development, e-commerce, and e-commerce . 


We take care of the creation, maintenance and management of showcase and e-commerce websites.
Do you already have a website but need to update or renew its content?
Don't worry! In this case too, we are ready to provide you with all the necessary assistance. 


Furthermore, we provide a thorough support service to solve various hardware and software issues such as data Backup on the Cloud, opening and configuring mail accounts, management software packages like Office and Antivirus.


But wait, there's more! 

We offer our Clients an innovative service " Editor ", a platform completely in Italian and absolutely intuitive, which allows you to create showcase websites, e-commerce, and Booking totally autonomously


Do you already have a website and would like to transfer it to our Editor platform? No problem! 
Transferring the content of your site is possible in a few steps and once transferred, you can create, manage, and modify each page at will.
We are pleased to think that our Clients can develop their online business without any problem or limitation.


With our Editor, it's even easier! 


Since we always look ahead, thanks to an important affiliation program, we offer our Clients a serviceIA (Artificial Intelligence) that optimizes the digital strategy and enhances user experience. 

Completing the wide range of opportunities, we also offer graphic design and printing services to make your brand truly unique, and we can go even further by creating the Digital Book which means digitizing your catalogs, brochures, books, and much more.

But wait, there's more! 

Since 2014, we have also dedicated ourselves with great commitment and professionalism to the world of Culture and Art
We are a valuable support for many musicians, painters, sculptors, and artists of all kinds through the " Services for Artists" division.
We are also truly proud of our platform, a safe and reliable point of reference for Artists and art lovers. We look forward to helping you showcase your talent to the world!

We have an open and constantly evolving mindset. We continuously update ourselves with the latest resources, skills, and collaborations to provide you with the best of our services. We are always ready to develop integrated communication strategies, ideas, and projects to guide you towards success. 

Discover what we can do for you!


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