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Our engagement with ArtistaOnLine continues… by acclamation!

15/11/2022 15:29


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Our engagement with ArtistaOnLine continues… by acclamation!

As you certainly know, the ArtistaOnLine portal is our creature. For the most varied reasons, we had decided to interrupt its publication a

As you certainly know, the ArtistaOnLine portal is our creation.
For various reasons we had decided to interrupt its publication starting from the middle of next year.
There have been many e-mails and telephone calls, communications received that manifested disbelief and disorientation for the intention of closing our art portal.

It was really touching to take note of the fact that so many artists and so many art enthusiasts have greatly appreciated and loved this portal which has grown in recent years not without difficulty. After long reflections in which passion and love for the arts have definitely taken over, we have decided to start again, with new energy and desire to do.

We will continue to support Beauty and spread it around the world through our Web and Social channels, we will still offer our Artists the possibility of communicating with the most distant and most diverse realities, offering opportunities for comparison and infinite interactions everywhere.

Unfortunately, still today, many Artists find it difficult to grasp the importance of these new communication tools, however so efficient and we note with regret that often the interest is limited to traditional forms of exhibition, certainly not to be excluded, but which today they are more sufficient.

The public that participates in an event and meets your works is also looking for other information and wants to examine different works and to do this, they look for you on the web.

It is on our portal that you will find your web space with the biography, the artistic commentary and the archive of your works.
You won't have the burden of indexing it because we'll take care of this and certainly with great skill.

We inevitably have to intervene on the membership fee which in any case remains little more than a symbolic contribution for the service offered.
All the details for registration can be found in the appropriate section of ArtistaOnLine.
Sure to find sharing and support, we get back on the road trusting in everyone's support and without which even our goodwill would once again risk not being able to support this great commitment.

For further information you can write to or call 3385236490.
Thank you for your love and great appreciation.