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Musical revivals 2022 3rd edition: present!

04/09/2022 11:00


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Musical revivals 2022 3rd edition: present!

For the third consecutive year Ideaventuno and ArtistaOnLine support the ARTandCHARITY Association in organizing a music festival which

For the third consecutive year, Ideaventuno and ArtistaOnLine support the ARTandCHARITY Association in organizing a musical event which has so far met with success and curiosity. The initial idea, born in the period of the pandemic, has developed giving space to world-class musicians and first-rate artists and never forgetting the aspect of helping others.
In fact, the association has as its purpose the promotion of culture alongside specific projects of social and humanitarian support identified by the Board of Directors. The proceeds from this third edition, for example, will be donated to the Giacomo Ascoli Foundation of Varese which works in favor of children and adolescents affected by onco-haematological diseases.

The review enjoys the support of the Jupiter Foundation which also sees in the staff of its Insubria Chamber Orchestra conducted by Maestro Giorgio Rodolfo Marini, a considerable number of promising young and established musicians, including Maestro Carlo Levi Minzi.
“Reviviscenze Musicali” also has the patronage of the Lombardy Regional Council and the Municipalities of Brunello, Bodio Lomnago, Albizzate, Vergiate and Cardano al Campo.

Of great importance is the support received from entrepreneurs and companies such as Centro Car Cazzaro - Renault and Dacia dealership in Castiglione Olona and Saronno, Living Progetto Casa in Castiglione Olona, Sernagiotto Dental Practice in Bodio Lomnago, Restaurant Pizzeria Al Lago in Gavirate, Servizi Salute Belforte in Varese and Ideaventuno business consultancies who believed in the project and supported it.

The curtain of “ Reviviscenze Musicali ” has risen. Brilliant musicians and artists enter the scene and all-round culture triumphs.
We remind you that we have once again maintained free admission to the concerts, but with the possibility of free donation for the aforementioned purpose.